Below are some testimonials from some of our clients in their own words


At 50, overweight and out of shape I decided to invest in myself.  Trying numerous generic exercise routines I found I needed a personal trainer.  Someone who could listen to my goals, health issues, and lifestyle.  To create a program for me Stephanie of Gym Rat Fitness listened carefully, asked questions and discussed different options of achieving the goals I had outlined.

So far I have doubled my cardio workout and kept within my heart rate goal.  I have doubled my weights with most of my exercises.  That’s fantastic in itself!  But probably the most important points are that I have dropped my body fat by 8% and ta-da!  my energy doesn’t stop!  I sleep better, my level of everyday stress has decreased and really – I feel happy.  I chose to invest in myself.  Thanks Stephanie – I’m young again!



Through the past 2 years I have battled bouts of depression.  After 3 kids I ballooned up 220 pounds and a size 14/16L.  Two babies in less then 2 years and a lot of excessive baby weight.  I was in the worst shape of my life.  Finally I made the decision that this wasn’t who I was at all.  So in October, 2012 I called and talked to Stephanie of Gym Rat Fitness and made an appointment for an assessment.

I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for but I knew I needed something.  I truly did not like what I saw in the mirror anymore.  I thought “what the heck”, so I went through the assessment and had a nice conversation with Stephanie.  That first session I was thinking what did I get myself into?!?  When I started I was SO OUT OF SHAPE!  I barely made it through the workouts.  I couldn’t even do ten push ups.  As it stands right now, I am doing 3 sets of 15 push ups just 4 weeks in.  Not only that, which is FAB-U-LOUS, but I have started to change on the inside.  For a person who has battled depression and negative self-talk is something that I have a tendency to do from time to time.  The crazy thing is, over the past month it has reduced quite a bit.  I tend to walk with my shoulders back and I hold my head a little higher.  I have so much more energy than I ever thought I would have in this short time.

On a more personal note I would like to thank Kevin and Stephanie of Gym Rat Fitness for going above and beyond in every way.  As soon to be gym owners, coaches, but most importantly friends, they truly care about everyone that walks through their doors.



Kevin and Stephanie are great personal trainers. Both are very knowledgeable in this area and take the time to make sure you are doing things the right way. They also take time to work on nutrition plans and to listen to any concerns you might have. They are friendly and really great to work with. I’m so glad they’re my personal trainers. They make working out FUN!! If you have fitness goals you want to reach or have hit a plateau you should definitely check them out!!



I am finishing week 7 of the personal training program. After the initial consultation and assessment, Kevin and Stephanie put together a weight training program, made cardio recommendations, and provided me with menu plans built around the foods I like. Fortunately Kevin and Stephanie are very encouraging because this program is tough and if I tried to do this on my own, I’m sure I’d have quit by now. I’ve had to learn to accept help (something I’m not used to doing) with the lifting as I progress to heavier weights from week to week. But the satisfaction of reaching the point where you can lift the weight that gave you trouble with no assistance… is a great motivator to keep you going. This program is about helping you to make the lifestyle changes that will enable you to meet YOUR personal fitness goals. If you commit to the personal training three days a week (and they are flexible when you need to change times), do the recommended cardio, and follow the meal plans/guidelines, not only will you feel better, but you will lose inches, reduce body fat, and gain muscle. And you will see the results when you look in the mirror.



2013 Summer Testimony

Have you ever wanted someone to push you mentally and physically when it came to exercising? I dedicated this summer of intense explosive weight training to Kevin and Stephanie (Personal trainers) of Gym Rat Fitness. I went with one thing on my mind and that was to get stronger and to gain weight and I did every bit of it. I came in weighing about 198lbs and now I am just about 215. They gave me a nutrition regimen and we lifted 3x a week and each workout just pushed me to the next level. Kevin would push me to lifting weight I never thought about trying like dead lifting 510lbs. I not only got stronger and bigger but I gained knowledge and am now able to push myself even further. There were days when I thought about doubting myself but soon realized what support I have from Kevin and Stephanie and this community and the other people in the gym and from family. Oh and I can’t forget Damon and Grady, Kevin’s kids. Those guys have little but so much impact on one person. They would come in and lift with me and they would watch me. They were my own fans and those studs will be great motivated kids if they keep listening to Kevin and Stephanie. I would like to just thank Gym Rat Fitness for a great summer of hard work that has already started to pay off.



(Currently she has lost 19.5 inches off her body and dropped 9lbs of body fat).

I have been using the Personal Training services of Gym Rat Fitness since May of this year. My expectations when beginning the program were that I would try it for a minimum of three months. I thought this would be enough time to give the program a good trial and make sure it was going to benefit me. I wanted to lose some weight, but my main goals were to slim down and tone up in some specific areas such as my hips and legs. Kevin and Stephanie put together a nutrition plan combined with a workout and cardio plan with my goals in mind. They showed me the way to achieve my goals, as well as continue to look and feel my best, was to make some actual life style changes, both in exercise and diet.

At the end of three months I had seen enough success I wanted to continue with the program. It has now been 5 months. It has required hard work and dedication on my part as well as the training provided by Gym Rat, but my results have been worth the work.

I would recommend Gym Rat’s personal training to anyone who is serious about living a healthy lifestyle and looking and feeling their best.



I started going to Gym Rat Fitness in the middle of July. I can honestly say I had no idea what to expect when I started. Little did I know how much it would benefit me.

Back in January I tore my meniscus playing basketball. I never tore anything before so at first I just thought I pulled something. For the next couple of weeks my knee still hurt. Finally I went to the doctor, he also thought I pulled something, but he recommended me to a physical therapist. I went to physical therapy for two months, after a while the pain subsided. Soon I actually felt like I was ready to play again, my physical therapist said I could play in the last tournament of the season. Then a week or two later I ran around four miles. My knee swelled up to the size of a softball and afterward and I felt extreme pain. By then I knew something was wrong. I went back to the doctor and he told me to get an MRI. A couple of weeks later I got an MRI and a text from my mom. I remember my mom texting me and saying I had tore my meniscus and had surgery scheduled for May 1st. I was heartbroken because I knew I would not be able to run cross country in the fall and possibly not basketball. I had my surgery and a couple of days later I started physical therapy again. After two months I was released. I lost a lot of strength even though I went to physical therapy. My mom was searching for something to help strengthen my knee and she happened to run across Gym Rat Fitness. She got to looking into it more and asking me if I would be interested. I said “I don’t know whatever you think.” She called Kevin and asked about Gym Rat Fitness. They set up a consultation visit. About a week later I started lifting at Gym Rat Fitness. I was extremely weak when i started. As the weeks passed my strength progressed. Instead of just trying to build up my leg I did a full body workout. I went to Gym Rat Fitness three times a week for an hour. One night I was doing sixty pounds on leg press. Apparently he thought I was sandbagging and added twenty more pounds. I did that easily and he added twenty more pounds. Not too long after that I was lifting over two hundred pounds on leg press. When I first started lifting I could barely lift two and a half pounds on knee extensions with my left leg. With my right leg I could easily lift five pounds. My left knee was extremely weak compared to my right. I improved so much within a couple of months. It took a lot of squats and lunges but it was worth it. Even though it wasn’t very long ago I remember being excited to go to Gym Rat Fitness because it was my favorite time of the day. There was a couple of times I had to work harder because I was exhausted from cross country practice. Some people thought I wouldn’t be able to run cross country because my left knee was too weak. I was able to run cross country because of Gym Rat Fitness. I placed All Conference and I was four places from qualifying to go to state. I strongly recommend Gym Rat Fitness. Whether you are recovering from an injury, or you want to become physically fit, or just to become stronger, it will definitely benefit you. I know it has me.