The Basics

To establish each client’s program there is a lot of information that must be gathered.  Upon your initial consultation meeting with Gym Rat Fitness, we will require some overall health assessment information, any relevant medical information that might need to be considered and of course the desired goals of your training.  Measurements for body fat percentage, BMI, resting heart rate, height and weight are then taken to provide a baseline for training and will be used in developing your nutrition and exercise program.

From this point an assessment session is scheduled to gauge what you are currently physically capable of and to discuss any medical considerations your doctor might have.  Once all of this has been discussed, your first session and subsequent sessions are scheduled and upon meeting for your first session we will design your nutrition and exercise program and have it ready to discuss and begin the training.

Once your training has begun we will again take measurements every two weeks to chart progress and make adjustments to the nutrition and exercise program as necessary to keep you on the path to achieving your goals.  These measurements help our clients to see their gains and help provide encouragement and motivation that they are improving.  At any time that our clients may have a question or concern they can contact us as needed.  We are always willing and able to answer any questions our clients may have.

Our objectives are to help our clients reach their goals and to reduce the number of sessions needed with us to maintain their current physically fit state to a point where they will not need to rely on Gym Rat Fitness to stay active and fit.

Our target audience consists of and is not limited to:

Corporate clients – Employees, managers, executives
Women’s Fitness – Pregnancy, postpartum, osteoporosis, weigh management, general conditioning
Senior Citizens – Senior, Senior homes, geriatric facilities
Sports Conditioning – College and University athletes, High School teams and athletes, season conditioning and strength training, cross-training
Youth Fitness – Youth athletes, general fitness