General Fitness

Perhaps you want to just get in better shape than you currently are.  You may even want to get back to the level of physical fitness you once held back in your high school years.  Research has shown getting physically fit helps many factors we must cope with as we age.  From reducing wrinkles and tightening up loose skin to strengthening and enlarging your heart and its walls to pump blood at a greater volume, all of these and many other body functions are improved by staying physically fit.

Starting off on a customized individually based nutrition and exercise program is the optimal way to achieve a “generally fit” status.  Gym Rat Fitness wants to help you attain this fit status and inspire a love of physical fitness that will last your lifetime.  Our goal is to get our clients fit and reduce the need for personal sessions to reach a point where they can take hold of their own fitness level and depend upon themselves solely for staying fit.