Strength & Conditioning

Generally most people believe to get stronger you have to lift weights and to get better physically conditioned you need to run or do aerobic exercise.  Anaerobic (weightlifting) and aerobic (cardio) work synergistically together to provide strength and conditioning.

Area athletes at any level can greatly benefit from a customized nutrition and strength/conditioning program that Gym Rat Fitness can provide.  Research has shown that an individual working with a personal trainer can do up to one-third more work then if they were not using one.

When it comes to sports we do not provide the mechanics of your sport, but we can provide the strength training to excel at those mechanics and we can provide the conditioning so you can perform those mechanics longer before fatigue sets in.  There is a reason professional athletes hire personal trainers to help make themselves better so they can compete at a higher level.  We believe athletes aren’t born, they are made.