Weight Loss

Gym Rat Fitness can help you to lose weight, but more importantly we train you how to keep it off.

Like a fingerprint, we are all uniquely individual.  Because of this uniqueness a one size fit all nutrition and training program will not work for everyone.  Most people seem to want that magic little pill or food that miraculously makes us shed pounds and inches without having to work for it.  Even going to the gym or finding time to work out at home with our busy schedules is a tough task.

What we will do for you is to tailor a nutrition and exercise program based on your individual measurements and goals, then aid you in achieving those goals by coaching and helping to motivate you to attain them.  As your body shifts into weight and inches loss mode we track your progress and change your plan to meet your body’s changing needs.

Once your weight loss goal as been achieved we will then help customize a program for you to help you keep the weight off and stay physically fit.