About GRF

Kevin and Stephanie Mahurin founded Gym Rat Fitness in 2012 after becoming ISSA certified Personal Trainers.  Why the name “Gym Rat” you might ask?  Most of my life I’ve been accused of being a “gym rat” for spending so much time in the gym playing basketball or lifting weights.  It seemed like an appropriate name.

Kevin – I’ve been into lifting weights and staying physically fit for over 20+ years dating back to high school.  I’m a very active person and I encourage my family to be active as well by promoting participation in sports and local fitness events.  I enjoy working with other people and helping them to achieve fitness goals and I love to coach my boys and other kids in sports.  My goal with Gym Rat Fitness is to help anyone who has a desire to enrich their life by staying physically fit and to help our area athletes become better athletes through sport specific training, be it baseball, basketball, softball, volleyball, track and field, football, tennis, golf, swimming, wrestling or tiddly-winks.

Stephanie – Being the mother of 2 boys, I understand how difficult it can be to get back in shape after having children. Time, healthy food choices, motivation….all are hard to come by when focusing on your family. I am here to tell you, it CAN be done! Taking care of yourself and keeping yourself healthy is a key part of taking care of your family. I have found that healthy balance, and I am dedicated to helping you find yours.

845 E Hwy 60 Suite D
Monett, MO  65708