Recommended Multivitamins and Fish Oil Supplements

My number one favorite multivitamin is the Finaflex Active Multi.  It has several features I personally like, such as the Joint Support Matrix and Heart Support Matrix.  It also comes in capsule form and is easier to swallow than most multivitamins.  In order to benefit from this multi you will need to take 2 vitamins twice a day.  The only down side is that something is going on with Finaflex not being able to get the ingredients to make this currently, so it’s really hard to find and over priced if you do find it.  Hopefully they get this straightened out quickly so they can get it back on the market.


Currently I’m taking the Orange Triads made by Controlled Labs.  These vitamins are a bit larger and are in a water soluble form, not capsule, so they can be a little harder to swallow.  This vitamin also has a Joint Complex and a Digestion and Immune Complex, which I like.  The only feature I don’t like is having to take 3 vitamins twice a day.


There are clients of mine that are unable to swallow vitamins in pill form, so we turned to Envie made by Nutrakey.  This multivitamin comes in powder form and can be mixed with water.  It comes in wild berry flavor.  Personally I have never tried this multivitamin, but several of my clients take it and love it.


When it comes to Fish Oil, I take the Optimum Nutrition Fish Oil Softgels.  I’ve had several other fish oil supplements I’ve tried and most have an odd taste to them.  The ON Fish Oil gels have no taste or aftertaste at all, this is a big reason I like it the most.  The bottle directs you to take two a day.



According to my clients and myself, when you take your multivitamin and fish oil daily, you will notice and increase in energy and overall well being.  Noticeably enough that when you miss taking it for a day or two you will feel less energized.

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