Surviving the Holidays Nutritionally

Surviving the Holidays Nutritionally

All the way from Halloween, through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve most everyone is faced with mounds of food to eat. Everything from candy, turkey and pumpkin pie will be set before us and the temptation to gorge ourselves before plopping down to watch the football games is hard to resist.

In this short article I’m going to detail a few ways to help you not fall off the nutrition wagon completely while you are celebrating with your family.

1. Don’t strive for perfection. The main thing is not to focus on weight loss during this time but rather to focus on maintaining where you are currently at. One bad meal or two doesn’t make a person overweight just as one or two healthy meals won’t make you lean. Be flexible enough to enjoy some of your favorite foods just do not overdo it. Eat smaller portions and resist the temptation to “sample” everything. Try to stick to the white, leaner meats, and keep a careful watch on your carbs with the stuffing, snacks and sweets as you can go overboard quickly.

2. Do not gorge. Eating 1-2 gorge meals is worse than spacing it out and maintaining your 5-6 meals you normally eat daily. Keep on your eating plan by eating your meals and snacks. Aim to eat healthier snacks. Get that protein in and add in some vegetables and fruits for your snacks. Apples are great at helping fight off that hunger pang as they help you feel fuller longer.

3. Savor the flavor. Take your time and enjoy your food rather than downing it as fast as you can to cram more in. Taking your time and enjoying the flavor will help in making you feel fuller thus avoiding the urge to gorge.

4. Stick to your missions. Try to avoid eating too much fried food, junk food and overdoing it on the alcohol. Keep your water intake high and opt for the baked foods, vegetables and fruits that are available.

5. Reward yourself. Reward yourself for making smarter choices by having that one piece of pumpkin pie. Remember your goal is to maintain your current needle point, not to lose or gain.

6. Exercise. Don’t forget to exercise. Stay with your workout routine as much as you can or if you are out of town go for a jog or long walk. Get your heart rate up some to help burn those calories off.