Erasing Your Week’s Work

It’s the weekend and oftentimes over the weekend we tend to slack off on our nutrition that we’ve been following so hard over the work week. A weeks worth of eating properly and exercising can be erased just in a couple days time over a weekend. Here are some tips to help avoid negating that hard work:

1. Weekday eating. Try to eat like you have been the entire week, no snacking on things you normally wouldn’t. Prep for the weekend by going to the store and making sure you are stocked up on food you eat during the week.

2. Sleep. Stick to your usual sleep schedule you maintain throughout the week. Don’t stay up late just because it’s your off time.

3. Drinks. Throughout the week we avoid soda and alcohol and over the weekend we loosen the reins and we wind up drinking more of our calories. Calories inside drinks can add up quickly. Go easy or even try choosing healthier drinks.

4. Don’t be a rebel. Don’t rebel over the weekend just because it’s your down time. Don’t alternate between times of good eating and bad eating throughout the week. The weekend isn’t a time to rebel and fudge on your nutrition plan.

5. Plan ahead. Stock up on your healthy food and snacks and plan your meals for the weekend in advance.

Nutritious eating and exercise does not have an off/on switch, it’s a life-style change. Don’t erase a weeks worth of hard work over a weekend.